Friday, March 5, 2010

The Best Desktop Security Software

I had nothing but problems with the desktop security software that I downloaded with the purchase of my new computer. What I got was long waits for boot up, frequent crashes, and a bogged down system. When I was hit with a computer virus, I contacted customer service (after several phone calls and a long wait on hold), and was told they would remove the virus for a fee. What?? Isn’t that why I purchased their antivirus software in the first place…to stop viruses from infecting my computer? It was very frustrating. They eventually removed the virus and it was charged to my credit card. Grrrr.

About the same time I was pulling my hair out over “no service” customer service, I heard a radio ad for ESET NOD32 antivirus software. I researched their product and found out they were ranked as the best antivirus software on the internet. Their product protects against viruses, spyware, and malware, and they even have antivirus firewall software. It takes a proactive approach, so it’s much more adept at stopping, or containing, viruses before they infect your computer.

After many phone calls to “no service” customer service, I dumped my old desktop security software and installed ESET NOD32 for a free one month trial. Gone was my bogged down computer and long boot up waits. Best of all, my system didn't freeze or crash anymore. I was very happy with the results and purchased their one year subscription. After my one year subscription expired, I extended the service and purchased their two-year antivirus software subscription. I've been very satisfied with this software. I use it on my desktop and my laptop. It operates quietly in the background, and never interferes while I’m working on files or working online. I’ve had only one issue with ESET NOD32, and that was when I attempted to download my extended subscription. I had no difficulty contacting customer service and the problem was fixed that same day.

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