Saturday, April 10, 2010

Facebook Virus

Even though the Facebook virus, koobface, first emerged several months ago, it still continues to create problems for social networking sites. A few simple safety steps will go a long way in keeping your computer free of this virus, or any other virus.

The Facebook virus is spread from one account to several accounts through a message, instructing you to click on a link to download software to view a video or picture. It appears as if the message is from one of your friends. It's not. As soon as you click on the link, the spyware is downloaded to your computer.

The simplest and most effective weapon against the Facebook virus is you. Don't download anything to your computer unless you trust the source completely. If you get a message or email with an attachment or link, contact the sender to verify. A quick "Hey, what's this you sent me" is all you need to do. If they don't know what you're referring to, delete the message without opening the attachment or clicking the link.

If your computer gets hit by the Facebook virus, shut down your computer immediately. Turn it back on and run a virus scan. Make sure you always have a good desktop security software installed on your computer. ESET Smart Security, CNET Editors’ Choice 2009is a proactive antivirus firewall software that stops viruses before they get to your computer.

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